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Santa Tram Tickets…What’s the Scoop?

Santa Tram Powered by Silver State Schools Credit Union

This one is for the parents and grandparents, or the cool date night snuggle.

The Santa Tram ticket type was born one Christmas season night when a dad was overheard saying gosh, ‘I wish I could the see the look in my son’s eyes’. Well, Biscuit the Reindeer wanted to make that happen, so he reached out to his friends at Silver State Schools Credit Union for some help, and the elves at the credit union gave a big holiday heck YEAH! Family time is the best time.

We dash you to the front of the line, after you play games, ride a train, take selfies with the twinkling decor, and tell Santa what you want for Christmas (be nice, don’t mention that your brother’s been naughty :O )

Our elves drive when booking a Santa Tram driven by Silver State Schools Credit Union. Not to mention (again), you get to skip the driving, AND the line waiting!

WORD. Don’t take ours take Debby M’s…”Santa was amazing, the lights beautiful.”

Biscuit the Reindeer will give you one tip for best enjoyment. Bundle up! Baby, it’s cold outside. You may not think Vegas=COLD, but at the speedway temperatures dip if a slight wind picks up. Remember you are on an open-air tram that takes you through the lights a few miles an hour so it takes about 30 minutes to an hour to complete depending on date and time you visit. By the way, Biscuit the Reindeer thinks desert air is COLD!

Everyone will be in a merry mood after games, Santa and an adventurous way to view holiday lights! Start the telephone tree now, invite family and friends, and birth a new holiday tradition. You don’t have to bundle up in 100-degree weather, but you do need to reserve Santa Tram driven by Silver State Schools Credit Union now because the ticket price is 25% off, the lowest price of the season.

Get your tickets: https://santatram.glitteringlights.vegas

Get BOGO savings on Santa Tram through August 14th!

Use code MEETSANTA at checkout.