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Special message from our Glittering Light’s partner, Marriage Can Be Murder.

Marriage Can Be Murder Virtual Show promotion.
Marriage Can Be Murder Virtual Show promotion.

Marriage Can Be Murder’s award-winning dinner show takes over the world-wide-web for their virtual show, Quarantined to Death. Grab your quarantini and get ready to play detective alongside the outlandishly eager lieutenant, wacky hostess, and a suspect hiding amongst the computer screen on Saturday, June 20. 

Guests will participate via a private Zoom link on computer, laptop, tablet or phone. With one of the show’s optional Marriage Can Be Murder customized Zoom backgrounds, attendees can stand out on the screen for the whodunit fun. The virtual lobby will open 30 minutes before showtime for check in, with showtime 6:30 p.m. PST. Get additional information on dates and tickets.

Who Dunnit Extras


Celebrating a special occasion? Get yourself a shoutout! Your special moment could be anything: a negative COVID-19 test, your first date night in 3 months, a birthday or anniversary… just let us know who you are celebrating and what the occasion is. Extra perks if you send a photo of the person(s) you are celebrating. Deadline for photos is 48 hours before the showtime. Your shout out will happen during the show and on Facebook live. Send shout out information with specific details to sales@ivorystar.com.

Bribe a Cop or Bartender

When you get acquainted with the cop and the bartender in your Zoom breakout rooms, they just might give you a clue to solve the mystery. Support the actors in this feature with a bribe (cough, cough tip).

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