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The Loveable Yeti

Glittering Lights Yeti

Glittering Lights YetiIt may be July but Biscuit is training up his customer service team because Glittering Lights time is right around the corner. Our ears perked up because we hear the word Yeti, one of our favorite displays at Glittering Lights and we wanted to know more.

Ring, ring, ring…

Biscuit: Good evening, Glittering Lights how may I help you?

Caller: I wanna check out your Santa Tram area. It sounds like a fun family night because the kids can meet Santa and I don’t have to drive through the lights allowing me to join in on the holiday fun. So how get there? Where do I park?

Biscuit: This is easy. Take exit 54 from I-15N and when you exit onto Speedway Blvd stay in the right lane. As you approach the Las Vegas Motor Speedway (about half mile) you will see a Yeti, make a right and park.

Caller: Cool. Thanks.

Caller: Wait, what’s a Yeti?

Biscuit: A Yeti is taller than an average human. A mythical creature… kinda like me. A Yeti is said to make its home in the Himalayan mountains. BUT… we have a loveable Yeti at Glittering Lights that towers over the entry to our Fast Pass powered by Diamondback Land Surveying and Santa Tram driven by Silver State Schools Credit Union areas.

Caller: Oh, it’s an Abominable Snowman!

Biscuit: Yep. Or as we call it, our Loveable Yeti.

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