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Unique Holiday Traditions Around the World

Christmas is a time for traditions, but not all are practiced here in Las Vegas, Nevada. There are some genuinely unique Christmas traditions around the world!


In Canada, “mummering” is a playful practice involving dressing up in elaborate costumes, concealing one’s identity with masks, and visiting friends and neighbors incognito. The fun lies in guessing the identity of the “mummers,” who might sing, dance, or engage in mischievous antics while sharing holiday greetings!

Catalonia, Spain

It’s customary to display a nativity scene with an unusual addition – the Caganer. The Caganer is a figurine of a man squatting and defecating, often hidden in a corner of the nativity scene. While this seems strange to outsiders, it’s seen as a symbol of good luck and fertility in Catalonia, Spain.


In Ukraine, it’s traditional to decorate the Christmas tree with spider webs! Legend has it that a poor widow couldn’t afford decorations for her tree, so she went to bed on Christmas Eve with a heavy heart. During the night, spiders spun webs all over the tree, which turned into gold in the Christmas morning sun! Ukrainians now see spider webs as a symbol of good luck and decorate their trees with webs often.


KFC has become more than a popular fast-food chain in Japan! It’s believed that the tradition of eating fried chicken for Christmas dinner started in the 1970s. Foreigners in Japan couldn’t find a turkey for their Christmas dinner and opted for fried chicken instead! Today, KFC runs a unique Christmas marketing campaign with customers pre-ordering their Christmas meals MONTHS in advance!


It’s tradition to roller skate to mass on Christmas morning. The custom started in Caracas, the capital city, where the streets are closed to traffic on Christmas Eve to allow skaters to make their way to church!

What’s your unique holiday tradition?

These are just a few examples of the wonderfully weird Christmas traditions around the globe! While some seem strange to outsiders, they are an important part of the holiday season for those who celebrate them! Let us know what unique holiday traditions you participate in when you visit us this holiday season!

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